Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mary Bird

I figured since you all got the rotten report, I'd open with a picture Thierry took at the Arboretum sans topper. There was a twig structure on the property that actually resembled a hat or a wig. I have no idea what it was supposed to be, but we both thought it would be funny if I jumped in and he took a picture of me inside. I think it looks like a little bald eagle inside a nest. As it goes, we did not bring a camera and only had Thierry's cell phone, which does not have a very high resolution camera. Anyway, I thought it was a funny picture.

Today I am feeling a bit better, but still dragging. A rash broke out around my abdomen. I am sure this is a side affect of the Avastin. This also happened after my first treatment. I am concerned that I will be unable to handle these treatments. Staying positive is my current challenge.

The day I learned that my blood levels were so low and that things took a dive, Thierry, Lauren and I were walking down the street and ran into someone we knew. The person who is somewhat overweight, and sweaty on a somewhat hot and humid afternoon, reached out to take my hand and planted a kiss on my cheek. On our way to the emergency room, this memory cropped back into my head and I muttered in the car that this was the cause of the spike in my temperature. Of course, this had nothing to do with it – but I am suddenly very conscious of every hand shake.

Since Lauren's wedding I have become very aware of the fact that many people, regardless of how well you know them, want to give you a kiss – not the European air-kiss kind – but a real one on the cheek. Then there are those (usually gentlemen) who want to give you a kiss on the mouth (eeuuu)! When the nurse warned me that I should be careful, even tho I wasn't at the point where I needed to wear a face mask, this was the first thing that I thought of – and with some relief because now I had an excuse to be avoid the kiss. This memory lasted as long as it took for me to leave the infusion center, have lunch and walk a block down the street.

This all reminded me of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry is annoyed at the fact that a woman keeps wanting to kiss him every time she sees him. He then notices how everyone in his building does the same thing – so he goes out of his way to avoid it – only to become an outcast for his unsocial behavior. I plan on working on the no-kiss, selective hand-shake rule – so if I appear stand-offish – I hope you understand.

I am looking forward to a much better week. We didn't make it to the boat yet, but still plan to get there!


Marybeth said...

Your idea of avoiding the kiss is a great one. If anyone is insulted, then it's their problem. My sister in law recently banned one of my older brothers, who had a cold, from their house because she didn't want my brother Tom (who is battling cancer also) to come in contact with him. Another comment . . . my husband's father, a gentleman from the older generation, sometimes great me at the door with a kiss. A few times he went for the mouth, and now I quickly go to one side and try and turn it into just a hug. What is he thinking?!!!

I'm glad you are doing better, I really hope we see you at the boat.


jeannine said...

Dear Mary,
We wish you a much much better week, and we keep our fingers crossed!
Much love, Jeannine and Carl