Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sour Saturday

Today was a very bad hair day. It began when I took my shower and the little nubs remaining from my shave fell out. For a while it looked like it was growing a bit. Yes, I knew it would eventually all fall out, so I really don't know why it bothered me.

I took a good long look at my face and head in the mirror after my shower. Without your crowning glory it is hard not to notice things – like big ears – dark circles around your eyes – just how big (and droopy) your eyes are. You notice how your nose looks. Do men think about these things or is it just women who lose their hair that obsess?

For years I never really looked at myself in the mirror. When I was a kid, my mother used to have my hair cut in a very dorky, short haircut – with bangs that just barely hit my forehead. I was called bird by my mean older siblings. I always hated that haircut – but have to admit that I hated the nickname even more.

As I grew, my nose also grew. Falling at the playground and smashing my nose didn't help. It was a true Tiny Tim schnoz. I grew my hair and let it go curly and hid behind my mane. I never looked at my profile in the mirror. All through high school I had a mouthful of braces. Big hair, big nose, heavy metal. When I did look at myself I envisioned someone else.

My opinion about my looks changed dramatically when I had my nose job at age 27. I had a beautiful daughter, a good nose – and I had lost a lot of weight – I rocked. For most of my 30's, 40's and 50's I have been happy with the way I've looked, hair included.

I took the wigs to my hairdresser today – the one I wasn't crazy about – is even worse. The other is okay. We got the name of a good wig man – we'll go this week. I'll splurge for a good one – a real hair one.

As you may have guessed, I'm feeling droopy today. Not sick like the last time, just a bit down. Yesterday was actually a very good day. Friends came to visit and we had a nice lunch at Darlings in the Piazza in Northern Liberties. Thierry and I went to the gym and worked out a bit, then met up with Lauren and Mike at Yang Ming for dinner. We went to the movies where we met up with Jean and Mariela and saw Julia & Julie – which we thoroughly enjoyed. Meryl Streep is once again, amazing. Afterward we went to the Grog for drinks (I sipping my club and lime). Got home very late.... 11:00, then off to bed. It's fun going out with your adult child – we always have a good time!

Tonight we'll catch up on past episodes of Mad Men – tomorrow starts the new season.

Yesterday was a really good day – today is getting better.


annod2 said...

You know being a bird isn't so bad. You have the distinct ability to soar above the earth with grace and beauty viewing all God's creations from a different perspective. You can easily perch in any chosen tree and sing your way through the day. You can build a perfect nest with pieces of nature and lay little colored eggs that hatch into perfect replicas of yourself.

Just know that you are a beautiful person inside and out, with or without hair. I love you.

Mary B said...

Thanks Ann, that was a really very beautiful thought!

laurenbruce01 said...

Really beautiful, Ann, and so are you Mom!