Monday, August 17, 2009

Got to Get Moving

Thierry and I are currently discussing one of the not so nice side effects of chemo. I won't go into details here, but suffice it to say I need to add fiber to my diet.

Actually the last two days haven't been bad at all. Other than feeling tired and a little uncomfortable after stuffing myself before and during dinner(s), I've felt pretty good. Went for my Vitamin C infusion today. Decided that I will only have this once a week. These take 8 hours out of my week, and Thierry and I need to start doing stuff; like going to the Morris Arboretum to see the Out on a Limb Tree Adventure, or the Hudson School Exhibit at PAFA. When we were in London last year we visited Kew Gardens and they were building a tree-top exhibit – so it would be fun to see the one in Philadelphia. Actually I've never been to the Morris Arboretum – time to get moving!

We had a quiet dinner at mom's last night. Lauren made a wonderful fish recipe she found in Cook's Magazine. We picked up some Turbot, sliced up zucchini (that was the bottom layer), added the fish, chopped up tomatoes (the top layer), veggies had been tossed in olive oil, basil and I think oregano. The whole thing is baked in foil – it was wonderful. Today my friend Ann came over and made dinner for Thierry and me – a very healthful and delicious meal.

The conversation covered many topics, from healthcare to gun toting citizens. At one point they were discussing whether it is a better idea to take social security early, at normal retirement age, or later. I find myself quiet these days when subjects like this come up. I used to worry about outliving my savings, but something tells me I won't have to worry about this. I have made up my mind to think of ways to spend some of that money. Maybe a trip to Italy – albeit only a week (at a time) rather than for a month; a visit to Holland; to San Francisco to see Barbara and the boys; a weekend in New York – at a really nice hotel! Another trip to upstate NY with Lauren at our favorite Inn. Maybe another trip to Paris – with Thierry this time – I love Paris.

Yesterday and today were good days – I hope there are a lot more!


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Don't forget about Chanticleer. It is enchanting!

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