Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Summer Palace

Quickly I will write about the Summer Palace, the name of the picture attached (see the Mary Bird posting below). A real update should follow tomorrow night from Baltimore! :)

We received a package from the Morris Arboretum today. The cover featured a full picture of the Summer Palace and provided the following information about the structure and its creator.

The sculpture was designed and built by Patrick Doughtery and features an onion dome associated with Russian and Byzantine artchitecture. It was named The Summer Palace upon its completion because it reminded him of Dr. Zhivago.

The sculpture is over 25' high and is made of locally-gathered twigs and saplings, mostly willow, dogwood, maple and birch. His inspiration came from a snail shell he found in his yard in North Carolina. There were no nails or other supportive hardware used.

If you'd like to learn more about the Summer Palace or the Arboretum, visit www.morrisarboretum.org.

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Anonymous said...

Just reading Tuesday's post on Friday morning. I love the soaring trees, so light, hopeful and inspiring. A picture to keep in my memory to remind me of the beauty in the world.

thx for sharing it and reminding me to be grateful for the beauty in the world. Each day is a gift.