Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Wonderful Weekend

It's Saturday night and I am at my sister Jean's house, relaxing, and where I'm spending the night. We had a wonderful dinner, she performed healing touch on me and we just ate watermelon (Mmmm).

Yesterday Lauren and Mike moved into their new home. I spent the day with her(them), and we were able to put the kitchen together. Jean came up and helped as well, and Mike's dad was there a good part of the day I got home late, but slept well! Today we went back up, moved some more “stuff”. Joan and Jean were there and together we were able to get the kitchen, family room and dining room in order, as well as part of the bar. I think someone said Mike has even more glasses in addition to the several boxes they unpacked (he has quite a collection of beer mugs, glasses, shot glasses, etc.). Lauren and Mike have a beautiful home, with tons of space – and which was designed for parties. I am sure they will keep it full of friends and family. As it goes, we'll all be there for Sunday dinner tomorrow.

It was fun to watch Lauren as she walked around her (their) house, so excited, and looking in the cabinets saying “this is my house, I love my house.” It gives me great joy to see her so happy, and I trust that she and Mike will have a good life together. Lauren has always worked very hard and does so much for me and the rest of her family – she deserves to be ex-tactically happy.

For a good part of these two days I have been able to act normal and like a living person. The days weren't without some discomfort. Again, when I get stressed, I seem to feel more discomfort under my ribs, and toward my back. It seems to happen around the same time every morning, and sometimes in the evening. I tell myself it's my liver healing – I've been doing some serious visualization every day – shrinking and killing the tumors. Dr. Gupta commented that the liver seemed a bit enlarged – which he said was to be expected, and, as Dr. Goldstein said,now is the time to enjoy life and DO things, so I guess I better get started.

BUT, my energy has been pretty high, I guess most of the effects of the chemo are gone. I have even been be-boppin to music in the car; and let me tell you, it felt so good to sing along with Blondie - blaring - at the top of my lungs! I could actually feel the endorphins building. I have been thinking for a while that I need to listen to some good old rock and dance around the house – loosen up. So, one goal for this coming week is to go on I-Tunes and download some good oldies that I can dance to (I'll spare Thierry my singing... well, maybe). Oh, and some ABBA. Actually, I think just getting out and concentrating on some activity – something physical – was good for my psyche.

Now tomorrow, peppers 'n eggs and home fries for breakfast with Mom and Dad, Thierry comes home, then dinner with the family – life doesn't get much better! I've had a couple of great days and look forward to another tomorrow

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JudyS said...

I would love to have Lauren's address so that I can send her a card. Thrilled for them - what a wonderful couple. How nice you could help them move in. Yes, do dance (don't know about the singing - haven't heard you sing ever I don't think, not even at the bar with Rod Stewart! Maybe you were singing and he drowned you out!). I can feel the love surrounding you and it is good. Smiles.