Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's Not About the Chemo

Yesterday was a great hair day! Actually, it was a good one all around.

It started out a bit shaky, however. We left at 9:00 to go to Jersey to a wig place recommended by my hairdresser – you remember, the one who ruined my wig! We got there about 10 minutes early – I had a 9:30 appointment. I became concerned when I walked to the store front and noticed that one of the three large flower pots that were gracing the display windows was lying on its side (Thierry optimistically opined that it was probably due to the storms from the previous night). The store was closed (I thought it opened at 9:00) and they had a few wigs in the window. I peered inside and it appeared that the wigs in the window were the only ones they had, visible anyway. I got a very bad feeling...

We went back in the car giving Thierry an opportunity to test out the new wireless broadband card we purchased last week for the net-book – worked like a charm! At 9:30 I went back to the store. The door opened this time and I walked in. No one was there – there was an open shop area to the left, a narrow hallway to the right which looked as though it terminated into an office. I told Thierry to come into the store, and then explored a bit. I found that beyond the office was another hallway which opened into a larger room with 3 smaller rooms off to the sides. One was occupied with a woman and a man who was having his toupee shampooed – he was leaning back in a chair with his head in a sink, talking non-stop while she was shaking out the toupee. I tried making some noises, but no one noticed.

I walked back to the shop/display area and we looked around. The place had a bad smell, was dirty and dingy. The wigs looked old and all but two were blond. There were a few wigs in a box, but they weren't much better. After browsing for about five minutes I said to Thierry, let's get out of here! We got back into the car and we pulled open the computer so I could find the information for a wig place I had previously found on the Internet in Collegeville, Russell Lauren & Co. – actually very close to where Lauren is living. They have a very nice website by the way. I called and was able to get an appointment for 3:15 that afternoon.

We then made our way up the Morris Arboretum in Chestnut Hill, PA. Neither of us had been there before. What a treat! Again I am amazed at how much our City has to offer – in art, in music, in beauty. In addition to the overall aesthetics of the Arboretum, we thoroughly enjoyed their newest exhibit, the Tree Adventure. This exhibit which puts you up into the trees is very interesting architecturally – made of metal, rope and wood, the structure winds through the trees, and even has a large bird's nest made of twigs in one corner. If you haven't been to the Morris Arboretum, you must put this on your sites to see in Philadelphia list.

When we finished touring the Arboretum, we had lunch on the “Hill”, then left for Collegeville. Salvatore, the owner, took great care of us at the salon. He lost his wife a year go to ovarian cancer. I tried on about eight and walked out with two – both very different. We laughed a lot as I tried on the different styles and colors. This is a full style salon that also does hair replacement. Sal is an expert in styling the wigs. Since I have a petite crown, he had to cut and re-sew the two I picked out to fit better. Tomorrow I'll post pictures. I felt a lot better when I left – and I think Thierry is having some fun getting used to the “new” woman he has on his arm!

We went to Jean's for healing touch, had dinner – a big dinner with egg parm, spaghetti and meatballs at Primavera in Ardmore, showed off the 'dos at Mom and Dad's, and got home around 10:00.

It was a long day – but an excellent one!


ann mcn said...


Can't wait to see your new "do's"! Once again you make lemonade out of the curves that life handed you. What a wonderful example you are setting for all of us.


gpcmouse said...

Not only do you 'face your devils' but you plow them down when they get in your way - with grace, guts, determination and your 'there's always another way' attitude. Yes, you are a wonderful example.