Saturday, August 22, 2009

Old Gray Mare

This is my gray wig – for when I want to look conservative and mature – a bit prim perhaps – hopefully not too old. I just loved the fit. It feels good and actually looks pretty real. I have received two compliments from non-family members. One of whom thought it was my real hair and complimented me on my new do. So, I guess this do will do for a while!

It's been two days since my chemo treatment and I just got back from the gym, so I guess I am handling these treatments pretty well so far. I have noticed more of a chemical taste in my mouth, and I get occasional waves of nausea, but nothing constant. My weight is up, but I am concerned about my test results. My hemoglobin was down to 9.6. My white and red cell counts were also down, so they gave me a procrit shot to increase the red cell production. This should also help prevent fatigue. My blood pressure was especially low all week (80/50), so hopefully this will help. I see the doctor this Thursday so I will insist she go over all the blood test results with me. Everything changes each week, up or down a little and I don't have any idea what they mean. I don't want to focus on minor fluctuations, but I feel if I understand what is going on in my body I may be able to control it somehow....?

I am also pleased that my mood is good. Last Saturday I was an emotional wreck, so last night while lying in bed, I told myself that I would be in good frame of mind no matter how rotten I felt physically. Fortunately, I don't feel bad physically and my mood is good – maybe the pre-work helped. I find that I wear a very thin veneer these days, and if something little scratches the surface a very ugly and evil creature is revealed.

I haven't written every day because, well, for one, we've been pretty busy and two, I don't want to drone on about insignificant things and events. Friday we shopped in the morning and went to the PA Academy of Fine Arts in the afternoon. They had an exhibit of Hudson River artists – which was okay, but what we both found really interesting and enjoyable was the Elizabeth Osborne exhibit. She is a Philadelphia based artist, born in 1936, and is a PAFA faculty member. Her “birth” father, Paul Philipe Cret designed the master plan for the Benjamin Franklin Bridge. Her studio is on Front Street (not far from our home), and several of the paintings in the exhibit include depictions of the bridge. There were several that I thought would look nice in our condo. For all you locals, I highly recommend seeing this. I should be ashamed to admit that this was the first time Thierry and I had visited the new exhibit hall at the Academy, a beautiful contemporary design.

We later had dinner with neighbors. Today I had healing touch, lunch with Lauren at Mom and Dad's house, then the gym. Later we'll have dinner with our friends – we're trying Bindi, a modern Indian byob – I've been wanting to go there for a year now so hopefully it will be worth the wait.
It's been a good weekend, and we hope that trend will continue. You have a wonderful weekend as well!


annod2 said...

You look absolutely beautiful in your new "do." I have always been so jealous at how photogenic you are! I'm so glad you had a good week. I don't want to run into that "green monster."
I love you

Barbara Gruenwald said...

Title should be "One Classy Lady"!

Lisa said...

Honey, that's not gray--a dull word, if ever there was one--that's silver. Silver lining, silver fox. Both suit you.

ann mcn said...


yoy love MARVELOUS and sound wonderful.

luv ya!

JudyS said...

Love it - I say, light platinum,,,,

jeannine said...

Dear Mary,
Your wig looks absolutely natural and with or without wig, you are a beautiful lady!
Much love, Jeannine