Sunday, July 26, 2009

What happened to Saturday

It's Sunday morning and I am writing on our new little net book (Toshiba) that we bought yesterday, along with a 40" flat screen TV and an mp3 player. You see, it is becoming tradition that when I go on chemo, we buy a new TV.

Yesterday started out slowly. I felt pretty lousy - a bit shaky and very tired. So, after breakfast I went back to bed and meditated for a bit. When I got up I felt much better, and even hungry, so we had lunch then went off to Delaware. We've been talking about getting a net book for a while, and thought it would be a good way to pass the time when I get my various infusions. It is the sweetest thing! Silver case, weighs in at 2.98 lbs. and has a 160gb hard drive. Built in microphone and camera. Totally cool.

By 7:00 PM or so things went downhill. Funny how each chemo is different. I felt somewhat nauseous, but it was the shooting pains all over that was truly a new experience. Amazing how they traveled, at one time in my neck, then another in my knees, then in my side, then in my calve - Ugh! Not fun. I did manage to sleep well enough, and meditated for a bit this morning. If nothing else, the meditation helps keep me calm and able to deal.

I think today is going to be a quiet one. I'll watch Thierry set up the new TV and maybe we'll rent a movie. Saw a cute one the other day - just out in theaters as well, called The Answer Man. As it happens, it was filmed in Philadelphia and includes scenes filmed on 2nd street and at the bookshop down the street. Cute flick.

This is it for a now. Had to try out the new toy. Hard to wax philosophical when you feel like shit.


Anonymous said...

Susan and I are with you girl. Just down the hall if you need anything.

Rent a funny movie. Laughing is very good for the nervous system- endorphins etc

Have you tried ginger for the nausea? It is a very tolerable natural substance which is quite effective.
LOve you
Susie and Susan

Mary B said...

need to get some ginger pills. will try one of TD's ginger beers later.