Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday, the night before

Well I did it! I joined the panel review conference call this morning along with my doctor and 3 IBC reps. I was only able to catch one of their names. The noise was awful - it sounded like they were talking to themselves the whole time. I literally decided at the 9th hour (it was 9:00 actually!), to join the call. It wasn't as bad as I thought, nor was it as lively a discussion as I had hoped. My doctor simply stated that I needed this therapy, she talked a little bit about triple negative tumors and referred to some literature she had sent in to them, and that was about it. Only one person in the room asked her a question ("Dr. to Dr." and they knew each other - made sure they got the pleasantries out in the open), and that was it. She left the call after about five minutes to go to another meeting. They asked if I wanted to say anything, which I did - just that I don't know much about the treatments but do know this is a difficult cancer, that the first opinion I received from another doctor recommended the same treatment, that I am doing other alternative therapies to keep my strength and resistance up, and that I hoped they looked favorably on the request. They told me that I would hear the outcome by close of business today. Riiighhhht.... no phone call! So we'll see what surprises await me in the morning. If anyone has good relationships with any senators/congressmen let me know!

I have to say I felt pretty good about participating on the call tho. I was really afraid to do this, even as they were making the introductions - but I did it and suffered very little anxiety.

The alternative med doc gave me another Vit C and B12 infusion today. Thierry and I had lunch at the newly reopened Samson Street Oyster Bar. One of our old favorites for lunch during working days, the restaurant was reopened by the son of the original owner (there was another owner in between who basically ran the place down). It has been completely renovated - very modern with a touch of the old. Food was very good - prices are higher than before, but quality is high as well. Thierry had the biggest cherrystones I've ever seen (ick!).

Tonight we went to the new Center for Architecture on Arch Street. They were promoting the third edition of "Philadelphia Architecture, A Guide to the City" by John Andrew Gallery. There was a very nice reception with wine, cheese, soft pretzels (what else). Inga Saffron, controversial architecture critic for the Philadelphia Inquirer posed questions to the author (who is also the Executive Director of the Preservation Alliance). We were hoping for a raucous discussion, but Inga kept it fairly low-key. The room was packed, we bought the book and it was a nice way to spend a few hours.

We are now relaxing to a Parkening cd, "A Tribute to Segovia". Very nice - if the computer were not on my lap I could go right to sleep. Earlier we listened to an introduction to the BBC Prom Concert Season of 1997 that had short excerpts of music to be performed during that season. Introductions to each work were made by various Brits. You can actually see the concerts via Internet at I understand that the last night of the proms is a riot, with the audience standing, waving flags and singing along to songs like Rule Britannia and Jerusalem! Lots of videos on YouTube if you'd like to check it out.

Another surprise found us when we got home. My neighbor (and friend) Barbara ran across the courtyard with a huge container of chicken soup! She didn't want me to have to think about cooking tomorrow!

A friend told me once never to be afraid to reach out for help. This advice has helped me both professionally and personally - thank you all for helping me stay focused on what's important in my life. You make today and every day very special!

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Barbara Gruenwald said...

Mary, you are the best! Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way tomorrow.
Love, Barbara