Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another Flip-Flop

Before I get into my day, I hope you all noticed Comcast's comment posted today in response to my story about Thierry's adventures with Comcast. Well there is another chapter to that story, but before I get into that I must tell you all that one of the things I adore about Thierry is his lack of fear in getting his hands dirty - in fact, I think problems (like electrical, plumbing, carpentry, hooking up electronics) really get his juices going. He is amazing in that he can fix almost anything and is always prepared (like a scout - he carries rope and a shackle with him at all times along with either a big swiss army knife or a leatherman). I love to watch him climb, crawl or squeeze his 6' frame in some tight space to make a repair. So you can imagine that when Comcast said he could pick up the hd tv box (rather than having it delivered at a cost of $18), he opted to take care of the matter himself.

Well he went down to the Comcast center again today. He did manage to get a box and a remote. The box was huge which many of you may know - and did not quite fit in his backpack. Luckily he did have his rope and was able to tie everything together for the ride back. Upon his return he proceeded to start set-up procedures, tearing apart our media cabinet, disconnecting wires, etc. Of course, there was no manual with the box or remote. Not to be easily discouraged (I would have been on the phone screaming), he got on line and tried to find a manual on the internet. He found the manual, but still did not get the box to work. After some additional wire swapping and button pushing he picked up the phone and called Comcast. With me yelling in the background, the rep tried to walk him through set-up which at first was again not successful. After a bit, the TV worked, the box worked, but the remote did not, so we operate each device through separate remotes.

Some of you may be thinking - so this is a problem? I thought the whole episode was very funny. A huge organization like Comcast that has some unfriendly people at the service center can't get a simple thing right (this is the 2nd remote in 2 days that doesn't work) - and the difference in the way a man and a woman handle a problem - I would have just paid the $18 and had Comcast do the install from the beginning. I appreciate Comcast's offer to help straighten things out - Thierry asked them to send a new remote - I'll drop them a line.

So, now that we have a clear example of how differently men and women would handle a situation, I'll move on. The reasons for the title of today's post is that I am now NOT having a chemo treatment tomorrow. Maybe I should post that Jefferson Oncology is where I'm supposed to be getting treated (maybe they scan blogs for info just like Comcast). Dr. Mitchell, the oncologist is away until Monday - but her PA called me yet again today to tell me that she spoke to Dr. Mitchell (I guess again since she said she spoke to her yesterday to confirm that I WAS to have a treatment on Thursday) who said that WE were correct - the treatment program was to be every week - but since I had such a high dose I can't come back for two more weeks. I can't wait to hear how the doctor is going to explain this one. Fortunately I have an appointment at Fox Chase next Wednesday!!! I did schedule an appointment at Jeff to have blood work done to make sure my counts are good - I have been very fatigued - the mornings being especially difficult.

But, I feel much better by the afternoons. I worked a little today. The rash isn't horrendous, but we'll have that checked out tomorrow as well. I even started dinner tonight, which TD finished - and he cleaned up!!

Neighbors stopped by for a visit and brought a beautiful orchid. I wish I could post pictures so I could share her with everyone. My sister grows the most incredible orchids - I'll have to consult with her to make sure this one thrives as well.

Thierry and I started to listen to the cd collection again (yesterday and today). We heard Carmina Burana - music from a medieval manuscript from the 13th century; songs about love, eating, drinking, gambling) - not unlike today's music. We also listened to Treasures of the Spanish Renaissance. All very nice. This series, which will last for several days if not weeks, are collections from various composers from the Renaissance.

I was speaking with a friend yesterday about meditation and its benefits. I have had little trouble sleeping, but when I have, the meditations help relax me and do put me to sleep. Well, last night I couldn't fall asleep. The meditations were just not working and my mind kept wandering. After tossing around for a while I put the headsets back on and played Mahler's 7th Symphony by the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. It worked!

Today I am working on being in the moment, trying not to think about outcomes - and it was a very good day!


Customer.Connect.Melissa said...

Hi Mary,

Thanks for the email. Your husband sounds like my father. My Dad can do anything, which has, in effect, inspired my man to be handy. I can arrange someone to come out with a new remote and make sure your electronics are programmed correctly. And since T has already had 2 bike rides to get this done w/o us coming out, I'll see you're not charged.

Let me know if you want our help. :)

Kind Regards,
Melissa Mendoza
Comcast Customer Connect
National Customer Operations

annod2 said...

Sounds like your email to Comcast worked! But I have to admit, Thierry is the "Original Boy Scout." I was glad to hear vibrance in your voice when we spoke yesterday. I hope we see you at dinner tonight. I love you.