Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday, Monday

It figures that the week would start out with much to do and aggravation. I know nothing is easy, but pl-ease, cut me a break! Trying to stay focused becomes a real challenge. Not taking out your miserable mood on those wonderful people around you (Thierry) is another challenge - and then of course, the guilt forms a slick syrup over the mess in your plate and it becomes even harder to lift the fork to your mouth.

I spent the better part of the morning (and now the afternoon) on hold with the insurance company, doctor's office and hospital (Fox Chase) scheduling lines. It seems the insurance company won't approve the use of Avastin along with Docetaxell (sp). The Doctor did schedule a treatment without the Avastin for Thursday morning. The Doc's office is still trying to appeal the decision. I have also appealed - for what that is worth. We'll see what happens between now and Thursday - then I'll write to Harrisburg. At this point, just on principal if nothing else.

Thierry pulled all my paperwork together for Fox Chase, now we just have to copy it and Fed-X the lot. Lauren made a call to Sloane and got the info on getting a consult with them. I will have to wait until my first series of treatments is completed before I can consult with Sloane.

Tomorrow I meet with the alternative medicine doctor. Hopefully he'll prescribe some supplements to boost my energy and assist with my liver function. Not even my healing touch session with Phyllis could keep me from feeling whipped after today's phone-a-thon.

At dinner I said to Thierry that I needed to end the day on a good note and was looking for inspiration. I didn't have to look very far: a surprise package from a dear friend, emails from several others, a call from my brother, Lauren and Barbara on the Sloan trail, Thierry at the dinner table (and House on the TV-I got through the MRI's without vomiting blood) all reminded me of how lucky I am. As Elaine said in her email - stay in the moment. So, I'll work on going from day to day, moment by moment one day at a time - and today was a very good day.


Lisa said...

You know, the Mamas and the Papas did say it: you can't trust that day. It's one of many like it, but you're through. Deep breath. Moving forward. Thinking aobut the future and how much better it will be.
Love you.

laurenbruce01 said...

Just wanted to tell u how much I love you.

annod2 said...

My favorite thought that helped me get through the last seven months: "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change."
I have come to realize how trivial many of the things we complain about really are now and how much the things we used to trivialize relly mean to us.