Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Turn-A-Round Tuesday

Wow, I actually took a walk outside - went across the street with Lauren and Thierry and sat on a park bench for a little while, then back inside again.

It must be all of the good nursing care I am getting. I spoke with my brother yesterday about the disgusting Whey drink and he suggested adding some maple syrup. So this morning (and again this afternoon), Thierry blended a banana, the whey, almond milk and maple syrup - added crushed ice and let me tell ya, it was pretty darn good!

Barbara picked us up some items from Trader Joe's and brought along some wonderful muffins which she says are very healthy, they are truly delicious. Doris made us stuffed peppers with turkey, rice, and raisens - even brought salad. Lauren came over and put it all together. How lucky I am!

The only scary thing that happened today was the phone call I got from my oncologist's PA. She finally spoke with the doctor and I AM supposed to get a treatment each week for 3 weeks! The scary part is that all the nurses at the hospital, including the PA, said that I received a dosage that should only be given every 3-weeks. I scheduled the appointment for Thursday, but we will insist on talking to a doctor before anyone sticks a needle in my port! I am convinced I need a procreate shot because I have very little energy, so I hope to at least get that. I've also developed a bit of a rash, and am itchy. We'll see what they say about that.

Well my not driving has caused Thierry to get his bike out. Yesterday he rode to Whole Foods and today to Comcast to pick up our new HD box - only to be told he couldn't have one since his name wasn't on the bill (this after he called and inquired as to just what he had to do). So he came back with yet a different box and a different remote and nothing worked. This is why we all love Comcast. The good part of the story is that TD is finally getting back to biking - something he has missed for a while now.

Judy mentioned a Lance Armstrong book in her comment. I read his (first) book about his cancer and treatment and thought it was very well done. He describes his illness and treament (which was pretty dreadful), but the book is not depressing - and, of course, we all know the outcome.

All in all, today was a pretty good day.


Barbara Gruenwald said...

Sure like Turn-A-Round Tuesday - Wishing you a Wonderful Wednesday!

Customer.Connect.Melissa said...


Sorry for the fruitless bike ride and the problems with Comcast. Email our team at the address below. We'll see you are properly cared for. I'm sorry for the frustrations we caused and look forward to the opportunity to make it right.

Kind Regards,
Melissa Mendoza
Comcast Customer Connect
National Customer Operations

Karen Kron said...

Hi Mary, Glad to see that you were able to get out for a little while. The change of scenery can make such a difference!! And so can good caretakers, friend and family!! I'm sure your doctors won't give you a dose that is too strong for you now, although there is always Murphy's Law, so you have to keep on them!!! It won't take long before they know you and Lauren VERY well. You have every right to question every single thing they do! But most importantly, you want to be able to avoid any major side effects so you can continue your chemo on a regular schedule. Keep up the good work, Mary!!