Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday in Brief

Today was a very good day.

Walked to breakfast (thru a hissy-fit because the eggs weren't cooked and annoyed the hell out of TD - see I am really not a nice person).

We took a taxi to the oncologist office where we had a chat with the PA who confirmed that I did, in fact, receive the proper treatment and assured us that I will get a call from the doctor when she gets back. Got a blood test - hemoglobin was a 12!

We walked to lunch, to the drugstore and back home! A total of 20 blocks! I then drove us to mom's where we had a loud boisterous dinner. Lauren and my parents cooked a marvelous meal. My sister Jean got back from the Cannaries. We celebrated Ed's birthday (Lauren's Father-in-Law), Gus joined the fun, and I ate EVERYTHING - even the cake! (everyone is telling me I have to eat and gain weight).

Yes, it was a very good day.


Marybeth Ganssle said...

Ever since I found out about your blog, I find myself going to it every morning while I am having my coffee, to see “how is Mary doing”. Sometimes it’s a great comfort to see “it was a good day” or if it wasn’t, then I immediately feel a terrible sadness. My emotions are felt for you – not me. But I also realize what good are they if I don’t tell you – the one who is going through all this. But we are going through it with you, and because of that, I feel you are making me a better person. A person who doesn’t want to take one moment for granted, because tomorrow that moment may not come.

I thank you Mary for sharing your days, for making it easy to know how you are doing. It must be a scarey and vulnerable feeling to put your life out there for all of us to see, but I think you will touch people in a good way that you are not even aware of.

Barbara Gruenwald said...

Hi Mary. You have a gift of writing from the heart in a way I can hear you speaking. Especially for myself (and maybe others) who can't be physically there with you during this time, it is good to feel close to you through your blogs. Although the writing is for your benefit and this is all that matters right now, we all benefit. Thank you.
Good to hear about your family get together - you are blessed to have such wonderful family and friends.
Love to you, Barbara

gpcmouse said...

Some of us, me incuded, generally get our information secondhand through other friends, Mary this, Lauren this, the wedding was etc. This blog, as Marybeth above pointed out, allows to to check in to see 'how Mary's doing today" and in the process hear about the family too. I feel a nearness I haven't felt since we were in our twenties. Your complaints are our complaints - who hasn't fought with Comcast or gotten a meal poorly prepared? But continue to share it all with us Mary and we will continue to shout, bitch, cry and reminisce as we move through this chapter with you. Hoping for another good day - Margaret