Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday, 7:00 a.m.

My appointment is at 8:30. We'll leave early to go out for breakfast. A good greasy bacon and egg one. The infusion is supposed to take about 4+ hours, so it looks like we'll spend the better part of the day there. I am very apprehensive this morning. Not sure why. Maybe I am dreading the place itself (but at least at this center you have individual little cubes with curtains and a little tv); maybe because of the drugs themselves (altho they say they won't make me sick); maybe it's because they have to work....

It is a gray, foggy morning, how appropriate. The towers of the Ben Franklin Bridge are shrouded in mist. We have such an amazing view. You never get tired of it.

I've packed the ipod, a sweater and will pull together some snacks. Have a book and puzzles from the newspaper. Thierry will be there with me and Lauren will come along later - what a team I have! I'll let you know how it went later.

Today will be a good day - I hope you all have a great one!


ann said...


I'm praying for you today.

Peace and love, ann

annod2 said...

As my thoughts encompass you today, they also encompass Thierry. I have walked in his shoes. Please give him my love. As always, you have my love, also.

Mary B said...

Yes, I too worry about Thierry. I was in his shoes as well and I know how draining this can be. I hope everyone reaches out to him as well. We are his family.