Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back on Board

We did it! Arrived in Baltimore around 12:30, just the right time to go to Mama's on the Half Shell for lunch. Curlew looks beautiful, albeit a bit dirty on the outside from the weather and sitting in the slip. Thierry has a spring in his step that I haven't seen in a while. Even the moon will be full for us when we take Curlew out for a few days on the Bay. We picked up wine and beer, will get food on board tomorrow (you see we have our priorities straight), and hope to head out by noon. We'll join friends in Swan Creek (Rock Hall area) that evening then see where the wind takes us. During the weekend, we hope to raft up with two other boats - it should be a fun time.

This morning I went for another Neupogen shot (to build the white blood cells). It was a good thing I telephoned the oncologist office yesterday to ask if a) they got the results of my blood work and b) if I needed to come in. When I later spoke with the PA she did confirm that running a fever is a side effect of the drug. So, I have been popping Tylenol all day - so far (at 9:55 p.m.) I am still feeling pretty good, and report a normal temperature. I also learned that three shots of Neupogen is a standard regimen.

My wonderful neighbors, Barbara and Doris, both brought over care packages on Monday. Barbara makes the most incredible chicken soup which will feed us for a couple of days. Doris made egg parm (one of my favorites) and included some fresh veggies. All this after my sister and our friend Joan brought dinner (and my parents) over on Sunday. The Sunday dinner at mom's came to our house. Lauren and Mike pitched in - it was great to have everyone around.

Well, Thierry is hoping that the boat isn't too fouled with barnacles and the prop isn't too clogged up so we can get the boat out of the slip tomorrow. I'm off to get a good night's rest and am looking forward to a great couple of days. I hope you all enjoy as well.


gpcmouse said...

You sound like you have 'a spring in yur step' too. Enjoy the gorgeous crispy weather - you both deserve it.

jeannine said...

Wish you both lots of fun!

annod2 said...

As the old Irish Blessing goes, "May the wind be always at your back. The sun shine warm upon your face and may God hold you in the palm of his hand." Love you both!

patagonie said...

Hope you have a few good days on the boat, putting your minds on wind en water! I am so impressed by the way you two handle it. And Mary, you look beautfull with all the three fases; the bold, the grey and the brounish. Love from Amsterdam, thinking of you, Frederique and Bert.