Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Close Your Eyes and Stick

Well, I did it! I injected myself today with Neupogen! I received word last week that I was finally approved for self-injection (after the doc's office filed the “right” paperwork and a bunch of phone calls). So, I observed the administration of the last two shots (I never watch when I am being stuck), and with the nurse by my side, I stuck the needle in! Okay, I was sweating a bit and had to take off my jacket. And I felt a little lightheaded – but I didn't pass out!

It wasn't as painful when I did it, I have to say. The medicine burns when it goes in – the needle itself really doesn't hurt. I have been taking the injections in my thighs – plenty of meat there! Perhaps I took a good pinch of flab – or perhaps it was the angle, but it didn't hurt – and that is what I have been dreading! How do you resist the impulse to pull out the needle when the stuff burns?!

Being able to self-inject gives me so much more freedom. And, it works like clock-work. The pharmacy gets the orders, ships the meds Fed-X, it arrives the next day and goes in the fridge. Next time, they'll give me a call and schedule the 2nd shipment. When I travel, the doctor will give me a note to get on the plane, and the meds will board with me in a little cooler.

The weekend was really good. I guess all the steroids I received on Thursday really helped. My energy has been good and I've had little nausea. We had a great weekend down the shore. Our friend, E.A., let us use her lovely home that overlooks the wetlands in Ocean City. We met up with two other couples and rode bikes into Avalon. It felt good to get some physical exercise, and the weather was perfect for the ride.

We celebrated my dad's 89th birthday and my sister's 60-something on Sunday. Joan made her delicious pork shoulder, au jus, along with haricot verts (almandine) and roasted sweet and white potatoes. The cake was a carrot cake from Whole Foods.

The weather was perfect today, I conquered my fear of shots (well, self-administering), and today was another good day!


JudyS said...

So glad to hear you had a great weekend at the beach - I know it has been silent from my corner, but we were in New York (Hyde Park) and Massachusetts for a bit. We had some of that great weather too, and got to visit the CIA (not that one! - Culinary Institute one). Great food. Hope to go back some day and take one of the tours. Also saw Roosevelt house and library. Intriguing. I am here, Mary, if mostly silent. Love, J

Mary B said...

Hey there, glad to hear you got to go away! Sounded like a wonderful trip. Need to get away to rejuvenate the spirit! I know I always feel so refreshed when I get back - even if we've just been away a few days.... And Thierry and I aren't used to staying in one place for sooooo long. Good to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

Colleen said...

Hey Mary, I'm glad to hear you guys had a great time and I was thinking while reading Judy's comment - one thing Mary and Thierry are used to is getting away so when I read your comment you confirmed my thought - LOL

It is good to hear that you were able to administer the shots yourself so you can be free to roam the world!!!

Mary B said...

Yea... you know us well Col. Now what night is good for dinner???