Friday, September 18, 2009

Some Good News??

I received what I consider disturbing news last week.

There is a test, CA 27-29, that is used to screen cancer levels. This test is generally used as a marker for breast cancer cells. Its effectiveness in diagnosing breast cancer is highly questioned, however, it is used frequently for patients undergoing treatment to see how they are responding to that treatment.

My oncologist told me that my markers went from around 400 in June (or thereabouts) to in the 90's. I sat on this information for a week, sharing it with only a few folks because I really don't know what to make of it. I asked my nurse yesterday to review the screens that I have received since coming to the center. She graphed the results for me, and you do see an amazing downward trend.

I realize this is probably good news – It means I am responding to treatment; however, I also still feel this discomfort in my side, which really doesn't seem to lessen. Also, I know in another three weeks or so I will have to have a series of MRIs and CT scans to get a better look at what's really going on. Although I don't dwell on it, I am afraid of these tests – not just because they have to stick me, but because of the results.

I really can't explain my apprehension. I am hopeful, but afraid of hearing bad news. Perhaps its a lack of understanding about how the test results relate to remission, if they do at all. This all hasn't dampened my spirit – it just brings my fear a little closer to the surface.

Thanks for listening.

The sun finally showed itself today – and it was a pretty good day!

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Lisa Ruff said...

Hope is a scary thing. Be hopeful. Really.