Monday, September 14, 2009

Cell Phone Etiquette

Well, I finally did it! I told someone today to take their cell phone conversation elsewhere.

I was getting my vitamin C infusion today - which now takes 3 hours because I am getting a bigger dose. Anyway, I was there about an hour when another woman and her daughter (Melissa) came in. Melissa promptly began working on her laptop and texting. I started to get drowsy so I pulled out the iPod and put on my relaxation exercise.

The infusion space is pretty wide open. Chairs are in groupings of two separated by a little table; hence there is very little privacy. Melissa and her mother were sitting across from me. Just as I was going into lala land, Melissa got on the phone. Like most people talking on their cell phone, she was talking rather loudly. Okay, I thought, this won't take long... until her phone rang and she proceeded to chat some more. At that point, I turned off the iPod and just kind of stared at her.

After a few minutes I thought I'd try meditating again and put the headphones back in. The iPod would not work!!! Now I am a bit ticked. But, I decided to get myself to relax and try meditating without the help of the iPod. Then Melissa decided to call back the first caller and discuss the quote he was asking for and to schedule an appointment for tomorrow. That was it; I asked her if she would mind making her business calls in another room. She said, oh, of course, and apologized - then muttered something about me listening to my iPod (don't know what that had to do with it?). I later mentioned to the nurse what I had done - she was sympathetic and said she had been trying to come up with a sign that would "work" with the decor of their brand new facilities.

I've heard many arguments that people like me are dinosaurs and that this is what people do today, get used to it. I don't text or read emails while I drive. I "generally" don't answer my phone when I am in a restaurant or visiting with people. I would never take a call when I am in a meeting. I am sure Thierry would say I am more cell-phone obsessed than he, and probably I talk on the phone too much. But I still believe in things such as etiquette and good manners. I also believe in privacy. I've heard lawyers discuss cases on their cell phones - and I really don't want to hear about someones social life in the elevator.

Now that I am emboldened, look out! I may be a dinosaur, but I don't have to be brought into someone else's drama - especially when dealing with my own.

Today was a beautiful day - I hope everyone on the east coast took the time to enjoy it!


gpcmouse said...

Hip Hip Hooray - A giant step for the dinosaurs

Anonymous said...

I am glad you spoke up. No one should have to listen to another person conversation on a cell phone. Especially if you are in a setting that should be free of stress. Keep up the great work.


patagonie said...

Here in the Netherlands people miss the same consideration with others (non-phoners) when answering theire cell phones. Let's write a cell phone etiquette booklet! Love from Dutch Dino Frederique

Mary B said...

You're on Frederique! I'll contribute from here...