Friday, October 9, 2009

News from the Mile High City

Well, we landed in Denver a little over an hour late, but found sunny, cool weather. We actually landed within minutes of Barbara and caught up with each other in the terminal. We arrived at the Ritz Carlton to find that our room (Lauren's and mine) wasn't ready. We decided to camp in the other room - which is a connecting room to ours - until the room was finished. When we got there, we found that the room was also not ready.

Back to the lobby where we subtly mentioned that we were surprised the rooms weren't ready by the 3:00 check-in time. The receptionist kindly offered to treat us to drinks at the bar. A very nice bar as a matter of fact, with excellent Parmesan french fries! When we entered the hotel, Lauren asked if the Phillies were staying here. The gentlemen responded that they could not confirm nor deny the question. Barbara asked the receptionist when she came to tell us our rooms were ready. She gave the same reply, indicating that the privacy of their guests is of utmost important. She did say that if any of the Phillies ask if Ms. Bruce or Ms. Gruenwald were here, she would tell them that was an affirmative (haha).

As were were sitting in the bar, Lauren made her first Philly sighting, Victorino. She sprang from her seat to go to the lobby to see what was going on. Apparently the Phillies began to arrive en mass. After a time we left to go to our room. On our way out two Phillies walked past us and took our seats at the bar; they were Worth and Utley. Lauren's heart started to palpitate. I suggested we go in to talk to them, which we did. We asked if we could take a picture, but Worth grunted that he didn't do pictures. We wished them well, anyway, said we were routing for them and left. On our way up the elevator, we saw yet another Philly, Lee, but we said nothing. Well, it looks like it will be an exciting, if not relaxing weekend.

I probably won't write anymore until we get home as the Ritz actually charges for the Internet access (9.95), which I think is outrageous, but felt this was newsworthy!

We are looking forward to a spa day tomorrow as it will be in 30'sF and they are calling for snow showers. Only Lauren brought her Uggs. We are also going to a comedy show tomorrow night. Maybe shopping on Sunday? We'll see.

Today was a very fun day.

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Thierry said...

Didn't see any Phillies here on the Chesapeake, but it was a damn good sail from Baltimore to Annapolis!