Monday, August 9, 2010


It’s a rainy Monday in South West Harbor Maine (one of my favorite places), but that hasn’t dampened our spirits and excitement over the few plans we have made since I arrived on Friday. My flight to Bangor from Philadelphia was uneventful and even arrived a few minutes early. My taxi was waiting for me and we made the trip to Belfast in about 45 minutes. Thierry was at the dock, looking dapper and very tan!

I won’t go into all that we’ve done since my arrival – I’ll leave that for you to read on Thierry’s blog. Suffice it to say, we’ve had two beautiful days of sailing and are looking forward to a great week ahead.

For a few months now I have been wanting to write about a specific topic, but other ideas always came to the surface. Part of the problem is getting started – I guess I should just sit down and write when the thought first pops in my head – it would make things a lot easier.

A young woman I know told me a while back that she was leaving the area to move in with her partner, who happened to be a woman. I think maybe she was a little apprehensive as to what my reaction would be. I actually was pleased that she felt she could share this news with me.

I personally believe people should be able to live their own lives and be in relationships with whomever they choose, as long as they are loving, healthy relationships. I don’t know why I am still shocked when I hear blatant comments being made about blacks, gays and other groups. I guess I figure that we are a more enlightened, educated and mature society than we really are.

In some 34 states, employers have the right to fire gay employees for no reason – other than they are gay! I’ll stay away from the subject of “don’t ask, don’t tell”. People have been screaming that by allowing gays to marry in California, the sanctity of marriage is going to be ruined. Considering the high divorce rate in this country, I would think that the last thing to threaten the tradition is gayness! I know several gay couples that have truly loving, caring relationships that have endured for many years.

Why are people so threatened by something as innocuous as a same sex relationship? Is it the result of centuries of repression by religious leaders who perhaps felt the need to suppress homosexuals just like they did with females over the centuries, forbidding them to learn to read/write and participate in religion and government? Or maybe is it fear? Fear of what though; this eludes me.

We are who we are. It is what we bring to the table that defines our worth. To those who spout their Christian virtues I say start thinking like Christ, be giving, forgiving and welcome all of humanity into your hearts.

It’s a great day in Maine (even though they defeated same sex unions in 2009 – but only by a few percentage points!).

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Barbara said...

So good to hear from you and great blog..I can feel the fresh air..
wishing you a magical week.
Did you hear Prop 8 (written by group again gay rights) was overturned by Sacramento? Yes! Still more courts to go, but making progress. As Lucas say, what is all the fuss about?