Thursday, August 19, 2010

Concentrate on the Good Things

We have had a great week exploring the “Down East” coast of Maine. The weather has been very good this year in Maine (the best in 10 years we’ve been told). We have done only a little sailing the last few days due to light winds, and managed to make way under some pretty heavy fog. Today we are in Rockland and although there was a lot of fog out in the bay, the weather inland is spectacular.

I am on my third book, The Constant Gardener, which has turned out to be a good read. I saw the movie years ago, but don’t remember the ending so the book remains a mystery to me.

This past week I have been quite pensive. I’ve had pains in various parts of my body, mostly around the middle and in my back. I have been working hard at trying not to think about them and what they could be. I concentrate on the scenery, or what is playing on the radio, or try to concentrate fully on my book. It works most of the time. So, rather than spend time writing about my pains, I will write about what makes me happy.

Flowers: especially in the winter when everything is so dreary outside. I always cheer up and smile when I look at a vase holding a colorful bouquet. The more variety the better, although I do like a vase overstuffed with just tulips or a bunch of sunflowers.

Maine: Relaxes me and continues to amaze me in its beauty. I really think I could spend the whole summer here.

Lauren: Although she sometimes causes me worry, she is my sunshine. She is funny, pretty, good-hearted, quick-witted and kind.

Thierry: My rock. Even-tempered, funny, and smart; I find peace when my head is on his shoulder. I will miss him when I go home next week without him.

My parents: Yes, at this stage of their lives they can be frustrating, but I never tire hearing my dad tell stories, and nothing feels as good as hearing them tell me that they love me – a phenomena that only occurred in their old age.

My sisters: Who anchor me and are there to support me when things are bleak.

My friends: So many beautiful, intelligent, witty and talented women (and men) that share our lives.

A Grey Goose Martini: Which I allow myself every now and then, mostly on off-chemo weeks. They never tasted as good as they do now.

Hot peppers from Dad's garden:  Aside from being a great addition to almost any dish, we have had more laughs over situations arising from those peppers!

A really good pastry: I’ve pretty much lost my taste for chocolate, but love a good croissant or fruit tart. I guess it’s the combination of fat, white flower and sugar that does it! Things I haven’t allowed myself in a long time!

Spaghetti and meatballs: Still my favorite meal, especially when Lauren makes it. (Sorry Jean, I haven’t had yours yet!)

Email: A great way to communicate, along with texting!

A good book: I can be entertained for hours with a good book. Fiction in particular can take me places where I don’t go on my own.

There are probably more things I could add to the list, but these jump out at me at the moment.  Plus it would probably get monotonous for my dear readers. I’ll continue to concentrate on the good things and being in the present – and with a little luck, my weeks will continue to be as good as this one.


Anonymous said...

Mary you are so right about turning thoughts on people, places, tastes etc that make us feel grateful. There is a physial healing by acknowledging what we are grateful for.

Anonymous said...

I still say that you (Thierry too) are very talented photographers!! Adore your photographs of all, but you have hit your stride with Maine. I can't remember (still trying) where I saw a photo contest recently for nautical/water subject photographs and thought immediately of you guys...Much love, JsinGarden