Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Bit Up and a Bit Down

I want to thank everyone who commented on last week's blog. I realize I must have sounded like I was throwing in the towel, but I was really a bit angry at some of the things I had been hearing - and I guess about the cancer itself. All of your kind thoughts and words meant a lot to me. Many folks sent me emails because they are unable to post on the blog.

It's been a bit of a seesaw week. I have had my dark days, but have also had a couple of really good ones.

Lauren had a big crowd at her house on Easter Sunday. Lots of food and family from out of state. My dad's brother, along with his wife and son, were visting from New Hampshire, as were my sister's two sons. It was great to see everyone.

I had to have blood work done three days in a row. All for the study, but I found out that not all the blood work would be paid for by the study. So, after several phone calls and suffering a minor meltdown, I learned that because my family doctor is at Jeff, I have to go to Jeff for routine blood work and tests (like MRIs, etc.). I guess I should see all this as a minor inconvenience. Thursday was the big day. I had to be at Penn at 7:00 am for a blood draw before I took the meds. Blood was taken two more times, 4 and 8 hours after the first, so we had to hang around all day. Fortunately, Lauren was able to get away for lunch so she picked Thierry and me up and we scooted across town to an old favorite restaurant. She was in great form and her humor and spirits really picked both of us up.

Friday I met with a psychiatrist (for the second time) to talk about things. She prescribed an anti-depressent which I will begin taking today. Hopefully this will smooth out my moods. When I asked the trial nurse if this would be okay she told me that everyone is on an antidepressent and no, it wouldn't impact the study.

Friday afternoon I actually felt very upbeat and happy. I went to the movies with friends and then out to lunch. After a very big glass of wine and spending time laughing, I actually had a lot of energy. Thierry and I went out for coffee, then later friends came by and we ordered a pizza. Then Saturday came. I awoke with terrible pains in my chest/abdomen which hurt only when I move. It feels like things are growing or swelling - just what, I am not sure.

Lauren treated me to a fundraising luncheon Saturday afternoon, which we did attend. Unfortunately I was not great company. I came home and took some Advil and lay down for a while. I felt a little better and Thierry and I went out to dinner and then to a friend's joke party. What a great idea for a party, isn't it? It was really fun to sit back for a couple of hours and just listen to jokes - and laugh! I am amazed at how comfortable some people are in getting up and letting jokes roll off their tongues - and the fact that they remember them. Two couples did skits that were really funny. If you've never been to one, time to host one!

This morning I am in pain again. I took some Advil and it seemed to help for a while, but the pains are creeping back. I'll try to see the doc tomorrow.

Much to do this week, so I am hoping for a good one.


jeannine said...

Dear Mary, Wish you a good week and send you a hug, much love! Jeannine & Carl

Jennifer said...

I too wish you a good week.
A joke party sounds like fun...and that's something I think could perhaps be organised for a cruisers' get-together.
Headed back to Lady Wednesday, but will be watching your (you and Thierry) blogs.
Love and hugs, Jenny

Anonymous said...

I was sad to hear that you have been in pain and hope that this week you can get better control for it but I was pleased to see that you have also had some good times with your dear husband and friends this week too. Its a good thing that you are taking some medication for the depression. Let those good times roll on and I am wishing you a very good week x Terry x