Sunday, January 9, 2011

Somtimes a Simple Thank You is all it Takes!

Since it is the new year, I thought I’d write about something that everyone could add to their resolution list. That is, to say Thank You.
Something so simple, yet it seems that today certain courtesies are expected and don’t warrant acknowledgment. Or perhaps people are so preoccupied with getting somewhere or acting busy, that saying thank you is the last thing that comes to mind.

Times when people fail to say thank you include:
  • when you hold a door for another person – although there are many people who are oblivious that there is someone behind them and they let the door slam on you, or again are in such a rush that they just let the door fly wide. 
  • when you step out of the way – or make way – for a person to get through a small area; particularly for a person pushing a stroller or for a person in one of those automatic wheel chairs. Seems that both of these groups believe it is their right to make headway since they are in some way attached to a wheelie thing.
  • when a waiter brings you something you asked for – or not. Seems many people feel that it is a server’s responsibility to take care of them while drinking or dining out and that the tip is thanks enough. I find if you recognize their routine efforts, waiters tend to be much more attentive and pleasant. 
  • when you ask someone to bring you something – like your husband, daughter, sister, etc. Maybe being close to a person causes us to feel the thank you is assumed. It seems that older people especially feel it is their right to ask others to get them things and the thank you isn’t really considered. 
  • when someone stops to let you pull out into traffic from say a garage or parking space, or lets you merge into traffic. I remember when I was little I wanted to be the one to wave and thank the other driver. Where did that go? It is even rare these days that people are so willing to let you in, even in a tight merging situation that often you don’t get the opportunity to say thank you. I like to do the wave – probably because I truly am appreciative when someone lets me in because it is so rare.
There are many other incidents and stories I am sure you are thinking of and can share relative to this topic. The last bullet was actually what caused me to write about it. People behind the wheel tend to be very unfriendly, preoccupied – especially when on the phone, and always in a rush. Maybe if we all slow down a bit and be more present, we’ll remember to say Thank You!

But there are times when saying thank you can seem trite; like when someone rubs your feet or leaves little packages of goodies at your door or secretly sends a book to your Kindle. How do you show your appreciation for those who go that extra length to make your life a little better. I’m working on that one.

The tree is down, the weather is cold and more snow is expected during the week. My goal is to get myself out of the house no matter how rotten it is. It’s been a busy but good week.


Mary B said...

My Aunt sent me a great note about this blog and said I could share it with you:

"Hi Mary,

I particularly liked your latest blog on Thank Yous!

I remember when someone asked Bernie "how do you stay married so long and still be friends?". He replied to that with a piece of the marital rule people don't use often enough. "The most important words in a relationship are - Please and Thank You - I'm sorry, it was my fault - and I LOVE YOU".

So you see, your thoughts are on target.

Love, Aunt Angie

ann mcn said...

This year I have made one resolution and that is to express my gratitude for my family and friends.

Thank you Mary for your friendship. I am very lucky to have you as my friend