Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I am worried that I am becoming a bore. You know the kind of person that always knows better, or has to interject words of wisdom when all you really want to do is rag a bit?

We celebrated my sister Ann’s 60th birthday the other day. It was really nice; a lovely, four-star restaurant overlooking Rittenhouse Square; it was a beautiful day, everyone was in a good celebratory mood. Ann really is not dwelling on turning 60, but comments were made when the waiter brought over a petit four on a plate with Happy 60th written in chocolate. We got into a discussion about age and once again I had to chime in…. celebrate 60! You are so lucky to be 60! I hope I live to be 60.

There aren’t many things people say about their health, their situations, their trials and tribulations that upset me. Often times my friends will apologize and say they shouldn’t complain (“Look at what you’re going through”). However, this doesn’t bother me. I never think about how their situation relates to mine. When someone is in chronic pain, whether physical or emotional, it hurts and you suffer. No one should feel badly about sharing their pain with a friend. There is always someone who has it worse than you!

But when one of our friends hits a milestone age and comments on the number I open my mouth. I consider significant milestones to be 50, 55, 60, etc. I understand that when you reach one of these ages it causes you to reflect a bit on the past, makes you realize the clock is ticking and the future is looming and daunting. But what wouldn’t I give to celebrate another birthday! I have to admit, I truly don’t want to die in my 50’s. It is just too frigging young! I’ve really set my sights on 60.

And yes, there are people who have it worse than me. There are women walking around with the same disease and symptoms who are younger than I am. Some with new husbands and small children that they won’t get to see grow and develop. Although I have pretty much stopped reading the obits, it is sad to see so many young (younger than me) people die from all causes. I try to tell myself that in many ways I am lucky, and I do believe that – but it doesn’t quell my frustration when I hear someone dread their upcoming birthday.

CELEBRATE! Every year… every day.

We’re getting ready to leave for our trip. We’re both looking forward to having an absolutely incredible time… I am determined to make my 56th year the best it can be. BUT everyday is now a milestone and I am thankful for each one!

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Anonymous said...

Hey - who is the new guy in the photo with you and Lauren? Handsome, but not exactly a fashion plate. Ha. Have a fabulous trip. Keep notes - we may get over there some day too. Enjoy. Love, Judy (in case this comes anonymous again)