Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hemoglobin 12!

Wow, my hemoglobin hasn’t been that high since I started treatment - means I don’t have to have a Procrit shot when I am finished my infusion today. I have a great nurse today, Kevin, that I wish could be assigned to my case – not that Jackie (my regular nurse) isn’t nice and competent, but Kevin is such a jovial, upbeat person (must be because he is Irish). He makes me laugh, is a good conversationalist and makes the day go faster.

I am getting anxious. The neuropathy in my feet is worse and my hands have been tingling this week. It feels like my upper lip is a little numb. My scans have been scheduled for the 27th of January. I have this hope that I will be told I can stop the Taxol (causes neuropathy) and Carboplatin. I have been feeling pretty good, everyone says my test results are great, I look good (so I'm told), I've been sleeping well, and my cancer markers are stable and within the normal range.

With all this good news I can’t seem to calm my thoughts: am I really doing better, will she (the oncologist) stop the chemo drugs once she gets the test results, I need to get off the drugs - but...., how long will the neuropathy last, will the neuropathy lessen, how long can I live on Avastin? HELP, I am out of control!

But, the sun is shining today – temperature is rising into the 40’s, days are getting longer, spring is getting closer – it is a good day!

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