Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Few Acknowledgements

While I am trying to write my next blog, I thought I would take a moment to acknowledge some of the feedback I have received over the last few weeks from my readers.

Many of you have emailed comments on various postings and have shared some wonderful thoughts and moments with me.  I understand it is difficult to post to this site.  Even I have trouble when I try to respond to someone's comment.  I believe Google wants you to open a Google account.  Even then, once you enter that you have a Google account and hit post, it comes up with an error message.  After entering a second time, the comment is generally posted.

We have had some problems with editing recently and have missed some typos, which my sister Jean kindly pointed out.  We review the blog several times before posting, but errors still manage to get through.

My sister Ann found two websites where you can buy eyebrow stencils.  I'd be happy to share this info with anyone who is interested.  I haven't bought any, but.... around the holidays I received a package from my friend Marion.  In it was a complete eyebrow kit which can be used by those with or without brows.  The kit, by Anastasia (distributed by Sephora), includes several stencils with different shapes, powder, marking pencils, and brow brushes.  This really made me laugh.  I actually tried out one of the stencils today.  Not bad!

I'll be wrapping up my blog, hopefully this evening.  Keep your comments coming!

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