Saturday, November 28, 2009


We survived another Taraborelli Thanksgiving. It was surprising how calm and organized things were (we must be getting good at this, finally). My sisters had everything set up early, we all had made veggies and desserts a day ahead. Everyone made some contribution.

Jean traditionally buys the turkey and makes the stuffing and gravy (nobody makes gravy like Jean although we are all trying to learn). The turkey weighed in at 24 pounds – its been years since I’ve seen one that big - which could have easily fed 30; we were 19. Lauren and I carve. Dad taught Lauren how to carve sometime ago – she is a real pro. 

Joan made a wonderful Italian wedding soup, her son made green bean casserole. Ann did the potatoes, a mashed white and a sweet potato/apple/chestnut dish which tasted more like a dessert. Theresa made corn bread, Lauren made two ice cream-pumpkin pies and a regular pumpkin pie and helped me make two apple pies. I also cooked up some string beans. Koniko made her delicious cranberry sauce and a chocolate-pecan pie! Mike cooked up some Hope’s peanut butter cookies (yum!).

Dinner was served buffet style. In addition to the large dining table, two tables were set up on the back (enclosed) porch – it looked like a restaurant! But, this worked out extremely well. Traffic flowed and everyone was able to fill their own plates (and glasses) at their own speed.

It has been said that Thanksgiving is hours of preparation and 10 minutes of eating! This is true; however, it does not properly address the “CLEAN UP”. We are fortunate to have Mike (Lauren’s husband) as part of the family. He has no qualms about getting up from the table, dishes in hand, and rinsing, loading the dishwasher and washing the overflow! This year, Lauren helped organize a second shift, pulling in her cousins to help with the chore.

The one shadow on the day was my mother, who really was not feeling well. Earlier in the week she was diagnosed with bronchitis and it seems her antibiotics were not working. My sister called the ambulance on Friday to take her to the hospital where she was admitted for a few days. We trust she will recover fully, and are glad she is now getting proper attention, fluids, antibiotics and treatment to ease her breathing.

For our European friends who read this blog, Thanksgiving in the US is a day to overeat, drink too much, watch the Macy’s Day Parade (there is a parade in Philly too) and American Football on TV! It is also the introduction to what has been dubbed "Black Friday", the day we are all supposed to leave our homes at 3:00 in the morning to go shopping for bargains to give as Christmas presents.

Yes, that last paragraph may make me sound like a bit of a cynic, but that does not prevent me from looking around those crowded rooms and being thankful that I have such a wonderful family, that we have so much to celebrate, and that my parents are still here and involved. It was yet another GREAT day!

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