Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fall in the City

It is an absolutely glorious day in Philadelphia. The sun is shining, temperatures are going into the high 60’s, and I don’t have to cook today since we are going to Lauren’s for dinner – things couldn’t be better.

We took our bikes out this morning and rode up to the Schuylkill River, completing the loop around the Art Museum, stopping along the way for breakfast in one of our favorite breakfast spots. I handled the 15 mile ride pretty well, albeit somewhat slow. However, I realized that when you ride slowly, you get to see more of the scenery, and there are plenty of beautiful and interesting things to see both along the river and in the neighborhoods along our route.

Scullers were on the river, families were out riding their bikes, runners and walkers of all shapes and sizes were working up a sweat. There is just enough color left to the few remaining leaves to provide a red-orange fringe along the riverbank and tint the water, and the air was scented with the browned leaves that covered the pathways.

I always loved the smell of fall and of all scents that bring back memories or feelings of nostalgia, nothing affects me as much as the smell of dried leaves. While walking through the city the past few days and on the few occasions we’ve walked through the park or through a pile of leaves, I was reminded of those days when we were kids jumping in leave piles. I actually liked raking leaves, especially on days like today, being out in the fresh air, getting a great workout, and being immersed in the fragrance of fall.

Our old house was on a hill in the woods and we were blanketed each year by yards and yards of leaves. The leaves would reach mid-calve before we even started to rake. Some of the leaves we would just push over the hill in the front of our house. The others we would have to rake onto big blue tarps, and then drag the tarps down the driveway, across the street and into the woods. It was a major project that took several days. Even though I was thoroughly disenchanted by the time we were finished, I never lost the excitement of being out there on the first day.

We don't have a lawn or trees anymore, but the city still provides us with hints of the seasons and lovely parks and scenery to explore and enjoy.

Yes, today is a beautiful day!


JudyS said...

I invite you to rake in Maryland - I remember your leaves well, and am, of course, beseiged by my own technicolor onslaught. When you feel the urge, grab a rake and sail on down....Miss ya. Much love, J

JudyS said...

Great. Misspelled besieged! Oh well.... TYPO Ha.

Mary B said...

Judy, I thought of you raking your neighbors leaves when I wrote this! I may just volunteer to help someone rake.....