Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's A.....

It’s been an amazing week.  We got mom tucked in at rehab on Tuesday.  They started her in therapy right away - even keeping up on the weekends, and she has been pretty good…. That is until she got a roommate who she decided she didn’t like.  All in all she is doing well.

Barbara arrived Wednesday night. It is amazing how even when you haven't seen someone for a long time, you pick right up like you were together just the day before.  We met Lauren and Michael for lunch on Thursday, then went on to the clinic where she was to have her 20-week ultra sound.  When I was pregnant, they didn’t give you ultra sounds – I don’t even know if they had them then. 

The amount of detail they show is incredible:  the brain, the heart – beating, the spinal column.  When the doctor was exploring the baby’s heart he put on the sound – incredible.  He also showed us a 4-D image – amazing the detail that you can see!  Then he did a search of the genitalia.  A friend of mine gave me an idea of where to look on the image to determine if it was a boy.  It’s very difficult when you don’t have a clue what you are looking at.  Finally he said, “see those three lines, that is the labia…. It’s a girl! 

My first comment was: “are you sure”?  My second exclamation was: “your aunt Jean said it was a girl”.  One night at dinner she took her necklace off and held it over Lauren’s belly.  At first it swung from side to side (indicating a boy), but then it moved in a circle. She tried a second time and that time it went right into a circular motion – indicating a girl.  When this came out of my mouth, the doctor replied: “so why do you need me?”

We are thrilled. All the Taraborelli women are anyway – except maybe mom – she thinks we already have a lot of girls in the family, notwithstanding the fact that she has three grandsons and two granddaughters.   Men dominate Michael’s side of the family.  There are only two granddaughters out of eight grandchildren.

Lauren and Mike have chosen the name, Mary Jane, after the baby’s two grandmothers.  Now to get through the next 4.5 months!  I am a nervous wreck – about everything.  Everything from how  healthy I’ll be, about Lauren’s health, and of course, about the baby.  I am trying hard not to dwell on anything and to stay positive.  One day at a time, one day at a time, one day at…….

The week didn’t end there.  When we left the kids Barbara and I picked up medical alert systems for our parents.  We went over to my parent’s house to set up theirs.  Set up was easy and we tested the system.  Dad stood by and pressed each alert button and listened each time the service called in to verify that the signal was received.  I must say he looked skeptical and resistant.  My sister does not think he is wearing the alert.  I can only hope he gives this some serious thought at night, especially while he is alone.

On Friday we (Barbara, Thierry, Lauren and I) had lunch, then went to the Barnes Museum where Michael joined us for a tour.  Later that evening, Barbara, Thierry and I enjoyed first Friday and toured a few of our favorite galleries.  We ended the evening at a local cheese shop which was just bought by our friends, Lisa and Kirk.  The shop opened shortly after Thierry and I moved to Philadelphia about four years ago. Gradually, the amount of cheese dwindled and the shop survived by selling sandwiches and light suppers.  We were thrilled to walk in and see a case full of a wide variety of reasonably priced cheeses.  It will be great to have this type of shop in the neighborhood.

Barbara left early on Saturday morning and I headed up to the Reading Terminal market to meet Judy and Margaret for breakfast before the Flower Show.  Again, it is amazing how you just pick up where you left off with old friends.  Lauren joined us and we strolled the market and did some shopping where Lauren treated me to a fun pair of earrings.  We then went to the Flower Show whose theme this year was Paris.  We walked into the exhibition area to a 60’ high replica of the Eiffel Tower.

I really don’t know if there is another flower show in this country that compares to this one.  It draws attendees from US and abroad and exhibitors from 26 states.  We always enjoy the exhibits, especially the miniatures and the jewelry and purses made completely from plant material.

Saturday night the family gathered at mom's rehab facility to reveal the baby’s sex to the whole family.  Sandwiches, salads and cupcakes were served along with a little bubbly (and of course, a flask of Manhattans).  We had a grand time.

Today, Sunday, I am taking a break.  I’ve had a bit of a sore throat for a few days now and am feeling a bit tired.  It is a rainy day, so a perfect one to veg in front of the TV.  Looking forward to a much quieter week ahead, and still enjoying the high from the last.

Note: The family pictures taken at the party are by Juan.

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