Saturday, March 6, 2010

Just Call Me Sentimental

It’s been a busy couple of weeks so I am somewhat behind in my writing.

Last week Thierry got the urge to clean out old files which pushed me to do the same. We purged a bunch of documents (almost wore out the shredder), and made new files for 2010 – albeit a bit late. I also began to clean out some old files that had been sitting on my shelves and found a stack of Christmas cards from this past Christmas, along with wedding cards we received last year, as well as get well wishes that I received when folks heard of my illness, and old birthday cards.

I knew what to do with the files, but the cards were another thing. What do you save when it comes to greeting cards? I have mother’s day and birthday cards from Lauren that go back pretty far, and a few that my sister had sent me -she always picks out beautiful cards and writes such lovely sentiments inside. I have a few cards I received from my parents that actually had something very special written inside and whatever cards I received from Thierry.

When I cleaned out my old houses just before moving, I tossed stacks of cards – after first salvaging those I thought I should keep (as mentioned above). One day, all remaining cards that I have received will be tossed out with all the other junk I have collected. So, the question remains, what should I keep today and leave for someone else to pitch later on.

I decided to toss the Christmas cards, but did save two that were hand done and quite pretty. I threw out the birthday cards, but am hanging onto the get well wishes – I think they could be a big boost to my mood from time to time. I’m also on the fence about the wedding cards. I think I’ll throw them in the bin, but not yet. I was once told I was not sentimental – is this an indication that I might be just a bit or am I keeping them to prove I am?

The ironic thing is, when it comes to cards, I am lousy at sending them, but love to receive them! I am not good at remembering birthdays, although my computer calendar has helped somewhat. Problem is, Thierry is not good about it either – so we tend often to be late in getting things out. In my previous marriage, cards were a big issue. I have a big family, and only send cards to immediate family members (when I remember). It was considered to be the wife’s responsibility to be sure cards went out – which I naturally resented as I never sent cards to my aunts and cousins and didn’t see why I should send them to his!

Now, when reminded, cards will go out to my dear aunts and uncle – you see there are not too many left. Today things are easier, as you can send an e-card. Deep down I think e-cards are somewhat impersonal – there is something about picking out a card, writing something on it and posting it that just makes sending a paper card special. However, I often resort to the e-card as I am usually too late to get the card in the mail.

As I mentioned, it has been a busy couple of weeks. I went to the flower show with several dear friends (it was wonderful - picture by Juan). We went to an opera (Tea – written by Tan Dun, a Chinese/American - very unusual), had dinner several nights with friends, mid-week family dinner (spaghetti and meatballs a la Lauren), heard an organ concert today by Cameron Carpenter – very entertaining. Click on his name to play a clip of him rehearsing one of the pieces he played today at the Kimmel Center.

Tomorrow I am going with my friend Jeanne to hit some golf balls (haven’t done that in about six years).

The sun was out today, the temperature was in the 50’s, I wore a wool coat instead of my down coat – which has been my standard for the past three months – it has been a good couple of weeks!

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